A wild romance of Kylie Minogue and Michael Hutchence

A new BBC Two documentary will talk about the personal life of Michael Hutchence. A quick reminder-back in 1997, this rock legend was found hanging in his hotel room (Sydney hotel). Yet, everyone claimed how that all happened just because some 'sex game went wrong' story.

Is that the truth? A new documentary we will be able to see soon on BBC Two will definitely reveal a lot of secrets that happened back then.
The documentary will also talk about his wild romance with Kylie Minogue. Of course, she will be interviewed for those purposes as well.

Their romance was definitely wild, as Kylie claims. She will be talking about all those ''dirty games'' this couple has ''played''. Handcuffs? Racy sex life? Yes, we will be all able to finally see what happened in that Sydney hotel room.
Besides that, we will be also able to hear a lot about their ecstasy addiction at those times. What Kylie says about those times is how they really were in love, and how those times were the wildest times of her life, yet, she has also claimed how Michael Hutchence has left her because of a supermodel. She was heartbroken back then.
Will you watch a new BBC Two documentary they are preparing for us?

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