Has James Argent ever loved Gemma Collins in a way he loved Lydia Bright?

This couple definitely has its own ups and downs. Lately, Gemma Collins decided to go away once again from her boyfriend James Argent because she has caught him spending some great moments with Lydia Bright. The truth is, Lydia Bright and James Argent were just making jokes together and laughing at the studio of Good Morning Britain.

We are actually not so sure why is this couple still together, because, for those who don't know, Gemma and James are constantly having some ''small'' arguments. They also split away from time to time, or better said, very often.

Collins has claimed that her boyfriend doesn't treat her in a way he should. She added how he told her that he won't be able to love her in the same way as he loved Lydia Bright, his ex-girlfriend.
A quick reminder-this couple was first friends after James and Gemma fell into a romantic relationship. Maybe their friendship is still the reason they two are together?
Personally, this relationship sounds like a little bit too much stress to me. Will their relationship last? Or will James Argent continue to admire other women more than his own girlfriend? We will see, but it seems like how Gemma Collins really loves him.

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