How does 50 Cent see the sexuality of Lala Kent?

It all started with 'Vanderpump Rules' where Lala Kent talked about her views on sexuality. A famous rapper, 50 Cent, claimed how Lala Kent is actually just a thug.
What was her response? Lala Kent, 29, said how she was even surprised to hear how 50 Cent, 43, even watches 'Vanderpump Rules'. After she has heard that he doesn't like her and how criticizes her sexuality, Lala started clapping and acting very sarcastic.
The truth is, Kent only talked about her fiance Randall Emmett.
Calling someone a hoe live is not something that should be done, especially when Lala Kent is in ''that story''. Maybe 50 Cent thought how she won't react or how she will keep calm about his reactions to the show.
Yet, that didn't happen, because we all know Lala Kent as someone who knows how to stand for her rights.
She claimed how 50 Cent forgot where he came from in the first place. Maybe is this rapper actually in love with her but jealous of her fiance? That may be one of the reasons.
We don't see any other reason why 50 Cent called Lala Kent a hoe. He has no rights for that, you must admit.

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