How does Hailie Mathers stay in such amazing shape?

The daughter of a famous rap singer, Eminem, finally reveals the secrets of her workout. Hailie Mathers is 23 and she is an influencer. But, in her free time, it definitely seems like how she is working on her body shape a lot. Many women have asked us to find out the secrets of her workout, so we did. Continue reading and find out how a fitness routine of this influencer looks like!
Hailie claims how all her workouts are actually really extreme and intense. Some of those even require machines and some other fitness equipment. When asked what are the particular exercises she does, Hailie Mathers has given us her whole workout plan.

Push-ups and squats with dumbbells are definitely her favorite exercises. She does 3 sets of these exercises and repeats those for 20 times! Cable wood chop and cable chest fly are also on her workout list. She does 3 sets with 12 reps in a row.

Weighted glute bridge definitely helps her get the looks she is so proud of! 3 sets with 20 reps combined with a dumbbell and a footstep is a secret of her amazing looks.
Overall, this may sound like an intense workout, but Hailie claims how everyone can get used to it with time.

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