Is Katie Price going under the knife again?

The truth is, Katie Price definitely shouldn't have any more surgeries because she can literally suffer a heart attack or even a stroke. Nevertheless, it seems like how Katie Price isn't concerned about the words of her doctor.
Katie claims how she has already arranged her new ''beauty treatments''. She wants to go to Turkey with a purpose to get some facelifting, bum implants, liposuction and this list can go on and on, as Price claims.
Is she actually dicing with death? This reality star isn't clearly thinking about the whole situation. We have seen huge changes that she has already done to her body, but it seems like how she isn't confident about her looks. Still? Unfortunately, if she is willing to 'play with death', we can only come up with that conclusion.
Will she find a doctor who will be willing to do the surgeries she wants despite the risks? We actually think about how Katie Price has already found a doctor for that purpose. She is not going to Turkey as a tourist, as she claimed. She wants to come back home from Turkey more beautiful and more fit.
What is your personal opinion about all those plastic surgeries and beauty interventions? Personally, we are not happy to see people doing those at all.

About the Author : Hi everyone, I am Jane and I enjoy exploring the world of celebrities and famous people worldwide! Besides that, I am a journalist. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and play volleyball. I am also a mother-of-three and have a wonderful husband. My family is everything to me!.

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