Privacy Policy

*Want to become active on our website? Great! We are happy to hear that! Yet, you must know how we will need to collect your IP address. Why? Because we constantly work on improving our website, and spams are the ones that ruin our job. So, we collect it because we want to escape the spams you receive.

*Accepting cookies is a must on almost every website, and that is most of the times done to protect you. So, yes, we use cookies too. First, we will send you a test cookie to see if your browser works properly and accepts those. Besides that, you will need to have some other cookies in your browser while being active on our website. For example, a login cookie. That one lasts for 2 days. There is another cookie called main cookie we use and it lasts for one year-it is connected with the activity you have on our website.


*Export your data quickly and easily-at any moment you want, get your data back.

*As on every other website, you will have some action with our content. Is there a problem with that? Of course not. Yet, at our website, you may not only find out content, but also some that is coming from the other websites. Such content may at some moment of your activity collect your data. Yet, there is nothing to be worried about here because it will be only able to see that you have already given permission for (like the info you have published on your own on your profile).

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