Selling Grass from Coachella?

Kayne's Sunday Service fans are making a huge fortune from selling grass. How the Hell that happened? Fans came to an idea to sell grass Kayne was walking on.
How much that grass costs? The fans are able to sell it even for hundreds of dollars. If you have thought about how no one would buy that, we are here to reassure your beliefs!
eBay is full of different 'Spiritual Grass' and 'Holly Grass' offers. Overall, Kayne Sunday Service isn't actually worried about the situation, because the law still has nothing against that.
What are those bags of grass actually made of? Of some sort of vegetation that was taken once Yeezy performed.

If all this sounds a little bit too crazy to you, remember how even 'the church clothes' from Coachella were sold earlier. It definitely seems like how the fans are not there just for the show, right?
What will we be able to see later? Will fans continue their new ''career''? If they have found a way to make a lot of money this way, we can just imagine what will they come up with in the future.
Have you already heard about this news? Who buys what they sell?

About the Author : Hi everyone, I am Jane and I enjoy exploring the world of celebrities and famous people worldwide! Besides that, I am a journalist. In my free time, I like to hang out with my friends and play volleyball. I am also a mother-of-three and have a wonderful husband. My family is everything to me!.

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