What are some of the best kept Kelly Brook's weight loss secrets?

We all know Kelly Brook as a model and presenter. Know her because of something else as well? Because of amazing curves, right? Yes, we understand. But, she claims how she wants to reach the size 10 soon, before her 40th birthday.
We have made research with a purpose to find her weight loss secrets! Some facts hear about now will definitely surprise you!
Kelly Brooks claim how it all started when she met her new boyfriend. He told her at some moment how she looks like a balloon. That, of course, made Kelly Brook think about her weight a little bit. She even had some health problems connected with obesity.

Kelly claims how she hates diets, but she likes working out. Therefore, this amazing lady has started working out for more than 4 times per week. The duration of her workouts was never less than 45 minutes.
She claims how she doesn't like to do something she doesn't enjoy. Therefore, her workouts were specially created of her favorite physical activities. We can guess how that is exactly what kept Kelly Brook motivated on her way to losing weight!
As she was losing weight, she started posting different outfits on Instagram to show that.

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